Letterpresso is what we drink ourselves all day. It keeps us healthy and awake when we print posters on the letterpress machines or produce P98a Paper. Letterpresso coffee beans are certified organic (DE-Öko 001 | Nicht EU-Landwirtschaft) and fairtrade. It is a mild and balanced roast that consists of 66% Arabica and 34% Robusta – ideal for espresso, caffè lungo, and cappuccino. The beans are packaged in three different sizes: 250g, 500g and 1000g. Minimum quantity for orders is 1 kilo.

Freshly roasted in Franken, Germany.

P98A Letterpresso Cup
Letterpresso P98A 03 Mix
Letterpresso P98A 02 Packs
P98A Letterpresso Packs

Buy our coffee beans here and enjoy a delicious espresso.