The Johannisberger Schnellpresse, a stop-cylinder press made in 1924, hadn’t been used for 22 years. On this press we can now print the format 1280×905. We’ll be taking commissions!

P98A Weltformat 02

We had to make or find many parts to get it going again. Good job that there are still some people left who know how these amazing machines work! We had new rollers cast (they’re 130cm or 58 inches wide!) and managed to get paper in that giant size. We’ll be printing the first poster next week, following the layout shown below, but from original wood and metal type. At this size, even 24pt Block looks minute next to the 32 cicero (approx 35 line) Fanfare. The cooperation between our workshop p98a and Ralf, Reinhard and Daniel from Die Lettertypen promises to be a lot of fun in the future.

P98A Weltformat 01