If you love the Gauloises cigarette packaging you’ll love this. In the winter of 1950, Parisian graphic designer Marcel Jacno designed a headline typeface for the foundry Deberny & Peignot. D&P announced the novelty with a photo of Jacno at work. Roger Excoffon, who worked for the competitor Fonderie Olive, took interest in this work.

He liked the flat brush look and began his own interpretation. Publisher Marcel Olive also took keen interest, and insisted Excoffon deliver his version within 2 months to ensure he beat the D&P version to market.

The coup succeeded and the minimalist Banco became a huge success. It is the reduced design that gives this Caps only typeface its charm, with only 7 of its letters consisting of more than two strokes.

When p98a was offered the Banco collection — in lead 24, 36, and 48 pt, as well as in wood, in 20 Cicero — we jumped at it. With the Excoffon classics Mistral, Choc and Calypso, it’s now in the best company.


  • Wood
  • 20 cic
  • Metal
  • 24 pt
  • Metal
  • 36 pt
  • Metal
  • 48 pt