In 1925 one of the lesser-known German type foundries, Schriftguß AG in Dresden – formerly known as Brüder Butter – released a type specimen that reveals a well-built family of 10 weights called Grotesk Serie, ranging from light to condensed extra bold. We have the latter available in the workshop in 96p.

At first glance Grotesk Serie looks much like many of the popular static grotesque types of the time, e.g. Annonce, Anzeigen Grotesk, Aurora, however, it also has some distinctive features such as the Art-Deco-like bows in A, M, V and W. Some of the weights are available from a size as small as 6p and up to 36 or 48p. 

All of the weights in Grotesk Serie have nicknames. While the light weight is called “Planeta”, the other six weights are named after planets: Saturn, Jupiter, Neptun, Uranus, Merkur and Mars. The three bolder weights are also included in a small series known as Reklame Grotesk (Reklame meaning advertising) with nicknames Sirius, Orion and Pallas. Pallas is the condensed extra bold weight, a proper advertising face, available in 96p at p98a.

P98A Grotesk Serie
P98A 19 1 Pallas Np 0012
P98A 19 1 Pallas Np 0010
P98A 19 1 Pallas Np 0002
P89A Grotesk Serie Mars
The sisters of Pallas: two weights called Mars and Orion of the Reklame Grotesk series.
P98A Grotesk Serie Orion

Reklame Grotesk (Blei)

  • schmalsuperfett (Pallas)
  • 96 p