In the Spring of 2020 Birgit Schmitz began deliberating a letterpress imprint and our workshop had already been experimenting with analogue and digital. As we are intent on preserving the letterpress printing process, we agreed on a plan and partnership to launch TOC.

We decided on the name and created an identity of visual elements used throughout our materials and media, and set out to build a letterpress publishing house with unique limited edition books.

Toc Logo
Toc Display 20201217 194537 Full
Our first pop-up store at Dussmann created by Helene Bunge.
Der Daniel
Together with Daniel Klotz from Die Lettertypen we figured out how to salvage letterpress with digital technology.
Druckplatte Sw
We cut typeset pages into polymer plates using our proprietary lasersetter and print these on an Original Heidelberger Cylinder press from 1954.

We had already developed an innovative technique combining the advances of modern typography with the quality and artisanship of centuries-old knowledge of book printing.

Our first edition, TOC 1 has 14 exclusive illustrations by Erik Spiekermann. Typeset in William Text by Maria Doreuli and FF Real also by Erik.

20201218 200234Sm Toc 01 Levy Inside Np
20201218 200505Sm Toc 01 Levy Inside Np

Each book has sewn and glued binding, and is printed in a combination of offset for the red color and traditional letterpress for black text on 90gsm Schleipen Werkdruck paper. Colored endpapers. Linen Cover. Colored head band and reading ribbon.

The books are in a limited edition of 998 copies printed in Berlin, numbered and signed by the author.

20201218 201444Sm Toc 01 Levy Inside Np
Colored headband and blue reading ribbon.
20201218 202111Sm Toc 01 Levy Inside Np
Hot foil stamped on linen.
20201218 195719Sm Toc 01 Levy Inside Np
Signed book by Deborah Levy.
20201218 175609Sm Toc 01 Levy Inside Np
Boxed and wrapped tightly for gifting and shipping.

Books are available individually or by subscription. Each book is wrapped with care and gift boxed by Birgit herself.

Read more about TOC and if inclined, follow us @tocpublishing.