The year of the dog brings the Winter Olympics to South Korea, the FIFA World Cup is hosted in Russia, and women are expected to receive permission to drive in Saudi Arabia. While Mars will make the closest approach to Earth in over 15 years, printing rollers will keep turning at p98a. Although we aim to reinforce our post-digital printing endeavours, we will also continue to print posters from original wood type – like this one.

Our “2018” design for the new year is a letterpress classic: It is a medley of poster type that we have available from different materials in various sizes. Of course we used some of our all-time favorite Berthold faces, such as Akzidenz Grotesk, Block and Fanfare (manufactured from ‘Plakadur’), as well as some Kabel-esque figures, a self-made FF Real ‘2’ (produced from Formica/Resopal), but mostly unidentified original wood type from our “assorted” cases, ranging from 7 to 50 line. To add some statistics to our new year poster: 15×2, 11×0, 18×1, 14×8, and 4 small magnesium plates. 

2018 P98A Letters 01

The poster is 50×70 cm (20×28 inches), printed in black and Pantone Warm Red ink (our signature color) on our preferred press, a Korrex Berlin Kraft Spezial. As always, we printed it on 160 gsm MetaPaper Rough Warm White. 

If your purchase of posters, magazines, housenumbers and other goods in our online shop exceeds €100,00 (shipping excluded), we’ll add a “2018” poster for free. This special deal ends 31 December 2017.

2018 P98A Poster
171129 P98A 2018 Np 0018
171129 P98A 2018 Np 0022