Four years ago we were enraged enough to print this hashtag. Over the last four years we’ve produced other variations on political themes. Today, we are appalled by the attack on America’s Capitol.

The actions of America’s 45th president have given us reason to respond, in print, to other issues we believe where unjust.

After we had given away the first print run, we were urged to print another edition, this time in Dayglo.


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Go analog

Turning off your screen and reclaim the immediate world around you. We printed this poster as a reminder.


Hang this poster a reminder.

This matters.

Written June on 10, 2020

When the world exploded with protest marches for BLACK LIVES MATTER, we were moved to print something. We gave this poster away and asked people to donate t€98 to a BLACK LIVES MATTER cause in their city. We donated our time, materials and distribution, encouraging others to participate. IT SOLD OUT.


Limited Edition BLM Poster

Paper is patient

There’s no reason to trust the printed word more than the spoken one. A single letter can turn truth (FAKT) into a lie (FAKE). Both eye and mind are needed to decipher the truth.


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Whose blood?

Written on July 02, 2020

In context of the current debate on racism, the use of words is being reviewed all over the world. What am I allowed to say? “Words kill, words heal”, the German writer Heinrich Böll once claimed. Our latest poster focusses on a simple fact that no one can contradict. Our attempt at healing. Order this limited edition poster here.


Truck Fump Prev Square
Set of 5 postcards

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To democracy, peaceful protest, the power of the word and freedom of the press.