For our next issue, we are seeking, for the first time, submissions. We’re putting together an issue about what we are calling the “good America,” for lack of a better term: the America apart from the tawdry and shocking headlines, apart from politics, apart from all this distracting bullshit we have been living through for the past half-year. There is still a different America, an un-caricatured place filled with energy and newness and fun and experimentation. So, when you read this, please send us (­ what it is about—or what kinds of experiences have you have had in—this other, non-stereotyped America that has made a lasting impression on you, that has changed you for the better, that has impacted your life. We're looking for circa 300 words.

We are looking for real, thoughtful, meaningful material, observations, and interpretations that have caused a moment of powerful recognition, awe, connection, or surprise. Even cliché rightly dissected and unpacked can be both moving and true. It could be about nature, youth culture, or the beauty of ­growing up with the music of Christopher Cross or the P-Funk All Stars, or watching the Brady Bunch and Muppets. We’ll choose the most compelling. You may also tweet your answers at #amiland and #p98apaper. 

Thank you for your support!