The Fahrenheit scale makes a heatwave seem even more extreme: We have 100° degrees in Northern Europe right now! To help people in the US (the last non-metric country) understand the rest of the world and vice versa, we letterpress-printed a handy temperature conversion chart. Now you can complain across systems. Get it from our shop

At 35×50cm this poster is half the size of our usual prints (those are 70×50cm), and we printed more than our normal short run of 50 this time to make it more affordable. And it is not printed from original wood or metal type because we don’t have enough material to set a complex table like this. We could have managed at a smaller size, but nobody made brass rule for large type. Instead, we set the chart in our house face, FF Real, and then ran the data to our own laser setter which cuts polymer plates. This gets sharp impression, as deep as we dare. Not quite hipster letterpress, where each letter casts a deep shadow, but with enough bite for you to feel it.

Po 049
Po 049 P98A Skala 120955
Po 049 P98A Skala 20180801 121031