Erik designed this typeface for the Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum. It is one of our fonts that was designed digitally and cut as analog wood type from maple (the other one is FF Real) in many large sizes (up to 60 cicero/line) by Hamilton on their pantographs and later in 12 cicero/line by typehighdesign on his CNC router.The digital font is available from P22 Type Foundry.

Hwt Artz Scan Sq
Artz type in the making
Artz Ausdrucke Sq
Hwt Artz 1
A special feature are the different widths of individual characters.
Hwt Spiekermann07 1

Artz Woodtype

  • Artz
  • 12 cic
  • Artz
  • 16 cic
  • Artz
  • 40 cic
  • Artz
  • 60 cic