About a year ago, we purchased several new type cases. Some were filled with complete alphabets that we had specifically searched for – Fanfare and Plak in plenty of sizes – and others just contained bits and pieces or assorted faces. One of them consisted of merely ‘uvwxyz’, umlauts and an eszett, but just enough to reveal Karlgeorg Hoefer’s Monsun. The 8 Cicero letters are neither cast in metal, nor are they manufactured from wood, but from a plastic material.

Monsun Ligatures
Monsun Umlauts B

Monsun B
Monsun Karteikarte
(Source: Hans Reichardt’s collection of “Metal typefaces of the 20th century in Germany”, Frankfurt/Main)
Monsun Muster B
(Source: Klingspor Museum, Offenbach/Main)
Klingsport Monsun 1963
Early sketches of Monsum and specimen prints from the actual type below (Hans A. Halbey: Karlgeorg Hoefer, Drucke des Klingspor-Museums, vol. 6, Offenbach/Main 1963)
Monsun Plastik


  • Regular
  • 8 cic