Kraft (power) means that both the ink and the printing cylinder are driven by electric motors. The press also has an air pump that lifts the sheet off the cylinder when it returns, so you can just let it drop into the delivery tray and don’t have to pick it up and carry it to a drying rack. That alone makes printing of more than a few sheets practical, although, by definition, proofing presses earn their name by providing just a few proofs before the forme is taken to the real press (like a Heidelberg cylinder) for the actual print run. Normally you have to add a bit of ink to the rollers every five or so prints to keep the color even. But “Spezial” here means that this Korrex (top of that picture) has a proper ink duct (see top picture), with an adjustable blade and another little roller to hand the ink over to the big cylinder, whence the rubber rollers pick it up and spread it onto the forme. Quite sophisticated, making this press very productive for runs of several dozen prints without too much variation in color.

Korrex Berlin Spezial Kraft C 0012
Korrex Berlin Spezial Kraft C 0001