Why use a heavy notebook that’s always either too thick, too small or too large? Some ideas need a lot of room while others would benefit from each being contained in a separate booklet. Our notebooks are perfect for writing down next year’s good resolutions, get them here.

That is why our notebooks have only 32 pages, albeit in four different sizes. A modular arrangement has all 16 booklets sharing a riveted box made from thick card. It is strong enough to withstand the demands of shipping and afterwards doesn’t need to go into the garbage. Instead, it’ll look good on a desk as container for used or fresh booklets. The inside pages are of fine, chamois writing paper – translucent enough to show a lined or squared sheet underneath. That’ll help with writing or sketching. In spite of its light weight it will hold up under ink, pencil, felt tip or ball point pens.

Dog ears won’t happen because the corners have been rounded. The pages are sewn bound with colored thread, the old-fashioned way. Looks good and lasts forever.

2017 12 19 P98A Notizhefte Np 0064
The books come in many colors, as long as they’re black or red.
2017 12 19 P98A Notizhefte Np 0050
Pages are sewn together with red thread in the red booklets and with black thread in the – you guessed it – black ones.
2017 12 19 P98A Notizhefte Np 0068
As you would expect from a German workshop, the sizes are modular. See the drawing below for specifics.
2017 12 19 P98A  Notizhefte Wide  Np 0057
Each booklet has 32 pages, making it perfect for individual tasks or projects
2017 12 19 P98A Notizhefte S Shop Np 0034
The box containing the booklets is made from sturdy black board, strong enough to survive shipping and the messiest desk. We’ve even included a small pencil.
171231 P98A Illu
There are 16 individual notebooks in the package. The largest size, 234×340mm, lies at bottom and top, keeping the siblings tidy. This size is halved for the next 2 booklets which are 170×234, then 4 booklets at 118×175, and finally 4 small ones at 85×118mm. All modular and practical, not only for shipping. They come in a sturdy container which is nice enough to be kept around to store all the booklets. We’ve added 2 printed sheets to help you write neatly, one lined and one squared. Marks on the edges makes it easy to trim the cheat-sheets to the size you need to insert. The pages are transparent enough to see lines or grids through them while the paper loves all sorts of writing instruments without bleeding or showing ink on the wrong side.