Our fifth issue of PAPER, features an extended short-story by the American writer Anthony Marra, one of Granta’s twenty-one best young novelists of 2017. 

Marra’s story for PAPER, The Leopard, was published in abridged form in his latest collection, The Tsar of Love and Techno, and concerns a censor working under Stalin who is charged with inserting realities where none exist, and obfuscating realities—and people—inconvenient to the official line. We couldn’t help but see parallels to an American political culture we’re watching unfold, and we simply love Marra’s turns of phrase, deep research, and unmistakable sensibility.

2017 06 15 P98A Paper05 Cover Printing Np 0002
Magnesium plate of leopard spot letterforms.
2017 06 15 P98A Paper05 Cover Printing Np 0004
Our own fluorescent mix

The cover for this issue was a produced from large magnesium plates, mounted on a metal base and printed by hand on a Korrex Berlin proofing press.

2017 06 15 P98A Paper05 Cover Printing Np 0008
Susanna Dulkinys and Rick Griffith on the Korrex.
2017 06 15 P98A Paper5 Np 0008
Our new workshop logo

PAPER is a labor of love made at P98A, our post digital workshop in Berlin. You can buy the issue here.