The second issue of P98 Paper is »the fashion issue«, for it features no less an authority than Heidi Julavits—co-author of the eclectic »Women in Clothes«, with Sheila Heti and Leanne Shapton—co-founder of »The Believer«, and author of, among other gems, »The Uses of Enchantment«, »The Vanishers«, and her recent journal, »The Folded Clock«—unpublished (and hilariously smart) entries from which we feature here. Download our →PDF of P98a Paper #02 sample pages for free or buy the complete printed issue in our →shop.

Now available: The Fashion Issue

P98A Paper2 06
A second pass on the Risograph provided the second color for Dan’s illustrations.

Heidi’s work is paired with an essay by our editorial director, R. Jay Magill—author of Chic Ironic Bitterness and Sincerity—about the time-buckling trend of normcore and its irony-sincerity fusion. 

We paired Julavits and Magill with the sometimes kinky drawings the Portland-based artist Dan Gluibizzi, whose delicate lines derive their subjects from the digital world—nude sites on Tumblr, mostly—and then find their way back, newly charged, onto the papery page. All in all: fashion! 

P98A Paper2 04
Dan Gluibizzi contributed drawings for the issue.
P98A Paper2 05