Pure Design in the first half of the 20th century in and around Germany by Klaus Klemp.

As a Berlin based publication consumed with typography and design we would be remiss not to include an issue of Paper devoted to the Bauhaus and its impact on Modernism.

Our magazine is one of the lucky heirs of that Bauhaus spirit, championing craftsmanship, simplicity, and durability, and combatted shoddiness, imitation and dilettantism.

PAPER is a labor of love, made in our post-digital workshop P98A, in Berlin. Analog is our very own store.

Very limited edition of 100

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photography by Norman Posselt

20200120 172821 P98A Paper 8 Red Inside72
20200120 P98A Paper 8 Red Inside Np
20200120 173255 P98A Paper 8 Detail Np