The third issue of P98a PAPER is called »The Nepotism Issue«. In an inappropriate abuse of power, we have paired father-and-son team Erik and Dylan Spiekermann throughout this issue’s sixty pages. 

While the legendary type designer and art historian ranges over topics from well-dressed Italian farmers, the endurance of the Bauhaus, espresso, and the corners of 1960s Braun devices, his London-based, polymath son, Dylan, writes, well, from the future. The singer-songwriter and satirist skips over the details of the immanent worldwide drone-war that destroys everything on earth and gets right down to how humanity recovers its lost practices: This is Art. This is Sport. This is Sex. This is very funny. 

2016 10 07 P98A Paper3 Repros Np 0014
I Dream of Heaven by Dylan Spiekermann, engraving: Public Domain
2016 10 07 P98A Paper3 Repros Np 0016
Una Piccola Pausa: Some Things Italian by Erik Spiekermann

At the launch party for this issue, guests printed their own covers on a real letterpress machine, with real ink, on real paper.

2016 10 07 P98A Paper3 Launch Np 0023 C
Ferdinand Ulrich instructs our friends on the Korrex Nürnberg. photograph: Norman Posselt

Introduction: R. Jay Magill Jr.
Text: Erik Spiekermann and Dylan Spiekermann
Design: Susanna Dulkinys  
Illustration: Public Domain
Production notes: Erik Spiekermann
RISO operator: Ferdinand Ulrich
Typefaces: FF Real by Erik Spiekermann and Ralph du Carrois; FF Hertz by Jens Kutílek

2016 10 07 P98A Paper3 Repros Np 0015
FF Hertz by Jens Kutílek

60 pages, printed with black and fluorescent crimson red on a Risograph, the cover is printed on a Korrex Berlin Proofing Press.

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